Brekky Wrap: Father Killed After Falling From Roof While Hanging Christmas Lights

All the news you need to know this Thursday.

A father has died after plummeting from a roof while hanging Christmas lights in Texas.

Felipe Gallego, 39, his wife and teenage son were lighting up a client's home at Rhome on Saturday when he slipped and fell.

He was rushed to hospital but couldn't be saved.

"He had a skull fracture and bleeding in the brain and then he had a chest fracture. And they had to drain blood from his chest,” his wife Alisha Flick told WFAA. “They rushed him into emergency surgery, but he didn’t make it.”

A GoFundMe campaign set up to help Gallegos family ahead of Christmas has amassed more than $51,000.

Felipe Gallegos fell from a roof while setting up Christmas lights. Image: GoFundMe

Total fire bans are in place across NSW with hot, windy conditions expected to hamper firefighting efforts.

Close to 100 blazes are burning around the state more than half of which remain uncontained.

Firefighters are also in for a tough day in Queensland and WA where a number of bushfires are burning.



Canadian Firies Will Miss Christmas To Help Fight Our Bushfires

Firefighters from across Canada have volunteered to give up Christmas with their families and fly to Australia to help with the bushfire crisis.

A Sydney man is due in court today charged with terrorism offences.

The 21-year-old was arrested at a Riverwood home in Sydney’s south yesterday.

He’s accused of trying to recruit young Australians to join Islamic State

The man will appear in court today. Image: NSW Police



Man Charged Over Alleged Online ISIS Recruitment, And Encouraging Attacks

A man has been formally charged with three terrorism offences after being accused of trying to recruit young Australians to ISIS online.

In Melbourne, a man is due in court accused of sexually assaulting a jogger.

The 25-year-old allegedly grabbed the woman from behind and attacked her at a popular walking track on Tuesday.

He’s also been charged over an attempted armed robbery of a service station.

Donald Trump has labelled Justin Trudeau ‘two-faced’ after footage emerged showing the Canadian leader mocking him at a NATO meeting.

A group of leaders had been talking at Buckingham Palace when Trudeau appeared to ridicule the U.S. President for staging lengthy press conferences.

Both leaders have since played down the incident.

Former Wallaby star Israel Folau says he feels vindicated after receiving an apology and a reported $8 million payout from Rugby Australia.

The out-of-court settlement came after a lengthy legal battle in the wake of his sacking over a controversial Instagram post.

In a joint statement, both parties apologised for any “hurt or harm” they caused.

Israel Folau is believed to have received megabucks. Image: AAP



Rugby Australia Apologises To Israel Folau, Settles Case With Confidential Terms

Israel Folau had made a claim for $14 million from Rugby Australia, following his sacking from the national team after several controversial social media posts.

In sport, the Australian Golf Open gets underway in Sydney today.

Adam Scott is eyeing a second win, having won his first in 2009.

“It’s a great trophy and any time you see your name kind of racking up on a trophy is something quite special. So, this week would be the week to do it,” he said.

Adam Scott is hoping for a second Australian Open win. Image: Craig Golding via AAP

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