Mother Says She Still Loves Son Who Allegedly Tried To Suffocate Her

A Sydney woman says she is having nightmares after her own son was arrested for allegedly trying to kill her while she was bedridden.

Pamela Gannan has endured unbearable family heartbreak before, in 1992 her brother Thomas and her two nieces were murdered, gunned down with three others at Terrigal, in what became known as the Central Coast Massacre.

That heartache has never left Gannan but now her own son is accused of trying to kill her.

Gannan said she’s been having nightmares and can’t sleep ever since her son, Shaun Johnston, was arrested on Friday, November 22.

It's alleged Gannan had refused to give Johnston, 36, money.

Pamela Gannan. Image: 10 News First

“I can’t believe it, it's just horrible,” Gannan told 10 News First.

“Everything is just going round in my head. I have nightmares every night.

“I loved him so much. I still do love him.”

Gannan is suffering the debilitating respiratory disease emphysema, a progressive lung disease that causes her great difficulty breathing.

During the alleged attack, she somehow managed the strength to press her medical alarm bracelet on her arm that alerted paramedics as well as her closest relative, daughter in law Rebecca, who rushed to her aid.

“Seeing her with blood all over her arms, yeah that was pretty scary," Rebecca said.

Shaun Johnston, 36, of Lalor Park. Image: 10 News First

Rebecca, who is married to Gannan’s other son, was able to get to the house in less than two minutes.

“I honestly don’t know how she did it,” she said.

“Pressing that medical alarm definitely saved her life. She’s tough, determined and very stubborn.”

“We thought with her illness she might have given up her will to live but she fought like hell. She obviously wants to live.”

The family are at a loss to understand how Gannan’s son could be accused of trying to kill the woman who brought him into the world.

“I just wished it had never happened," Gannan said.

Rebecca has set up a GoFundMe page to help with Gannan’s recovery.