Tourist Accidentally Captures Moment A Swimmer Is Washed Off Rocks By Freak Wave

A tourist snapping photos near the South Australian coastal town of Port Lincoln has inadvertently captured the split second a wave engulfed a swimmer standing on rocks.

Incredibly, the man was found in the water about an hour later and pulled to safety.

A group of swimmers were in a rockpool at Whaler's Way, on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula when the wave struck - wiping out one man who was standing on a rock and sweeping him out to sea.

The swimmer disappeared under the waves. Photo: Ke Pin Peh

An international tourist was watching on as the man disappeared under the wave - and realised later that he'd somehow captured the moment the water came crashing down on him.

"He literally got flushed out into the sea," said Ke Pin Peh, who is visiting Australia from Singapore.

"So the next few waves come, and he tried to swim back but however he could not find any way to get back up the rock."

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Swimming Kangaroo Rescued From Lake, Jumps Back In

A marine marsupial was chased down by police on a jetski, but it did not appreciate their rescue efforts, escaping and jumping right back in the drink.

He drifted about one kilometre towards nearby Fishery Bay, before being rescued by a group on board a fishing boat. They pulled him out of the water and waited in a sheltered cove for the SES to take him back to land.

"We were worried if the rescue was too slow, it would get too cold for him," said Pin Peh.

"I think he's lucky."

It's understood the swimmer was taken to hospital but is expected to make a full recovery.