Wild Predictions For The 2010s That Never Came True

Human-like robots, monkey butlers and the end of the world as we know it -- there was a lot of predictions for the 2010s, but many of them fell flat.

While there was a lot to love about the 2010s, these are the best of a bunch of predictions that never became a reality.

A whole heap of predictions in the 2010s did not happen. Images: Getty


Say what you will about this bold prediction but when December 21, 2012, finally arrived the entire world was on edge.

‘Doomsday’ was splashed across newspapers, theories were debated on morning television, and lengthy discussions dominated talkback radio. It was a hot topic around the water cooler, in playgrounds and at supermarkets. Festivals got underway, while the film '2012' was played on repeat.

In the lead up to the event, NASA was forced to release a video convincing people the world was not going to end.

The buzz was all thanks to the 'end' of the Mayan calendar after 5,125 years. According to legend, the village of Bugarach in France would be the only village to survive.

It all turned out to be BS -- a misconception from the beginning.

French paramilitary on patrol in Bugarach on the eve of Doomsday. Image: Getty


A Scientist Speaks Out, written by Glenn Seaborg in the 1960s detailed a report by American think tank RAND Corporation that suggested "it may be possible to breed intelligent species of animals, such as apes, that will be capable of performing manual labour," by 2020.

Those that "don't have a robot in the broom closet" would instead have a live-in ape to carry out mundane chores such as cleaning and weeding the garden.

“The use of well-trained apes as family chauffeurs might decrease the number of automobile accidents," the report also suggested.

Monkey butlers aren't a thing. Images: Getty


The hoverboard and self-lacing Nikes both featured in Back to the Future Part II when the movie was released in 1989.

One became a reality ahead of Marty McFly and Doc Brown's supposed landing in the future on October 21, 2015, the other didn't. Unfortunately for thrill-seekers, it was the hoverboard that has never made it to market. 

While flying Frenchman Franky Zapata managed to cross the English Channel on a jet-powered hoverboard he designed, in August, it is nowhere near ready for the masses.

We're still yet to find a way to get off the ground that doesn't involve ramps or an aircraft.

The closest we've got is two-wheeled 'hoverboards' that tend to spontaneously combust. 

This hoverboard caught fire in Sydney's west in 2016. Image: AAP


Yeah look, Blade Runner didn't really work out.

The film, hailed a classic, was set in LA in November 2019 and hit cinemas in 1982.

It predicted that robots would be virtually identical to humans and at least of equal intelligence by now, flying cars would be mainstream and parts of space colonised. It's safe to say that we are nowhere near making any of these things a reality.

Only time will tell what outrageous predictions -- if any-- come true from Blade Runner 2049.

Same same but different. Image: Getty


It's a mission that's had a million date changes, but one U.S. millionaire by the name of Dennis Tito had a dream of sending the first humans on a round trip to Mars in 2018.

In 2013, the former rocket scientist suggested a 'married couple' would be the first to take the risky 501-day voyage, with the trip to take advantage of the planetary alignment.  The idea was to do a flyby within 160 kilometres from the red planet's surface before returning to earth.

It turns out the plan was too ambitious and the mission was cancelled, with the next opportunity not expected to present itself until 2031.

To be fair, there was some progress with NASA landing its Curiosity rover on Mars in 2012 which has been sending back epic images in the years since. It was and still is the most ambitious Mars mission flown by NASA.

Yeah, this hasn't happened yet. Image: Getty


The year 2018 was meant to be big for human cloning.

Dolly the sheep became the first animal to be cloned in 1996.

Since then, singer Barbra Streisand has cloned her pet dog, an Argentinian polo team replicated their horses and a couple of macaques and a cat have had their DNA copied in China.

But we're yet to see a human clone and it doesn't appear there will be any time soon.

These dogs are a clone of that dog. Image: Twitter



Did 'The Simpsons' Predict The Latest Episode Of 'Game Of Thrones'?

They've done it again!


The only consistent and trustworthy prediction source appears to be The Simpsons.

Not only did the show predict that Donald Trump would become U.S. President, it forecast that Disney would take over 20th Century Fox, a three-eyed fish would be discovered, the 2013 horse meat scandal would engulf the planet and Daenerys Targaryen would launch an inhumane attack on King's Landing (yes the last isn't technically real life but it felt like it so it stays).

We're looking forward to seeing what wild predictions actually come true in the 2020s.