Google Knows What You're Getting For Christmas Before It's Even Under The Tree

If you prefer to be surprised when you open your Christmas presents then you might want to sit this one out.

If search data is to be believed, we're in for an impressive haul come Christmas morning.

And encouraging news: no mention of socks, jocks, or pesky stocking fillers. Only the good stuff.

Technology products - especially smartphones and Apple products - dominate the most searched for products list, with 14 out of the top 20.

Nintendo Switch is the overall leader, followed closely by Nespresso, Fitbit, Airpods, and Apple TV.

Katharine Kemp


Google Knows Where You Are At All Times. Here's Why It Matters That It's Being Sued

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) yesterday announced it is suing Google for allegedly misleading consumers about its collection and use of personal location data.

What are you going to get for Christmas? Our money is on one of the below.

AU Top Searches - Week Ending 23/11/19. Source: Australian Retailers Association. 

1. Nintendo Switch

(Portable gaming console)

It's not lunch with the boys unless Nintendo DS is involved. Image: Nintendo

2. Nespresso

(Espresso machine and coffee pods)

George Clooney seems to like it, and he wouldn't lie. Image: Nespresso.

3. Fibit

(Health and fitness tracking device)

Get up off the couch, I see you. Image: Fitbit

4. Airpods

(Wireless headphones)

When you think you see someone talking to themselves -- think again. Image: Instagram

5. Apple TV

(Connects internet video to your TV)

I can make all of your wildest dreams come true. Image: Instagram

6. Apple Watch


Did I ever tell you how smart I am? Image: Instagram

7. iPhone 11


8. iPad

(Tablet computer)

The beloved Apple iPad. Image: Instagram

9. iPhone


The ever-updating iPhone. Image: Instagram

10. Google Home

(Smart speakers)

'Hey Google, make me some cookies'. Image: Google

11. Portable Air Conditioner

(Self explanatory...)

An air conditioner of the portable variety. Image: Instagram.

12. Birkenstock


The iconic Birkenstock sandal. Image: Birkenstock

13. Lego

(Toy building blocks)

Because who doesn't love Lego? Image: Lego

14. Kindle


Make reading great again. Image: Kindle

 15. Airpods Pro

(Wireless headphones)

Keep your friends close and your Air Pods closer. Image: Instagram

 16. Outdoor Furniture

This outdoor setting is purrfect. Image: Ikea

 17. Oculus

(Virtual Reality headset)

For an unreal experience. Image: Oculus

 18. iPhone X


Three times the fun. Image: Instagram

19. iPhone 11 Pro


20. Air Fryer

(Fries food without the need for oil: magic)

If you'e made it this far, please remember to act surprised on Christmas day...