Zoo Names Eight Adorable Penguin Chicks After Cheese

You feta believe it -- a bunch of adorable Little Penguin chicks have made their public debut, and all of them are named after different types of cheese.

The new penguin squad -- Parmesan, Pecorino, Gouda and Gorgonzola -- have made themselves at home in the penguin exhibit at Sydney's Taronga Zoo, spending much of their time swimming.

“The four chicks were so excited to get into the water, and haven’t looked back,” marine zookeeper Lindsay Wright said.

The baby cheeses love the water. Image: Supplied

The group is expected to be joined by four more friends in the near future, and yes, all are named after cheese.

Tasty, Haloumi, Burrata and Bocconcini are currently learning to feed from zookeepers. The process is vital to ensure they develop necessary survival skills, and allow for the keepers to carry out regular health checks before they're let out into the enclosure.

It's hoped they'll brie grate mates. Image: Supplied

“We have more eggs being incubated, so we’ll have even more chicks before the breeding season is over," Wright said.

"It’s a busy time down at the penguin exhibit over summer and we’re excited to see more penguin chicks make their way into the group and one day become parents themselves".

We hardly known which is which but they definitely seem to brie-long together Image: Supplied

Taronga Zoo confirmed to 10 daily that the 'theme' given to the chicks helps determine their age. If it helps, you can think of it like a vintage.

Other Little Penguin chicks are named after things like chocolate, vegetables, cars and rappers -- yes, there is an Eminem swimming around the place.

Yes, we're watching you. Image: Supplied

Because Little Penguins can produce many chicks each year, the themes also help zookeepers come up with a large number of names.

Chicks are born with a crown of down feathers across their head and shoulders, which they lose as they mature and learn to feed themselves.

In NSW, Little Penguins face threats on both land and sea, at risk from human interference, predators like dogs, pollution and boats in the water.