Airbnb-Style 'Rent-A-Pool' App Launches In Australia

No pool? No worries.

That's the message 22-year-old American entrepreneur Bunim Laskin is bringing to Australia this summer with the launch of his "rent-a-pool" app.

Swimply, an Airbnb-type arrangement for pools that connects owners of private pools with people looking for a swim spot, launched in Australia on Tuesday.

Private pool owners are able to rent out their swim spot on Swimply. Image:

Mr Laksim - the eldest of 12 children - says the idea for Swimply came to him "out of necessity" on a hot summer day.

Through the app, users can rent nearby pools by the hour, while owners can benefit by off-setting expensive pool maintenance costs.

The rent-a-pool app launched in Australia on Tuesday. Image:

"Australians love the outdoors and with the country's long summers we are excited to be able to democratise the pool experience so every Australian can enjoy affordable access to this summertime luxury," Mr Laskin said in a statement.