Albanese Spins NZ PM's '2 Minute Challenge' Into Attack On Morrison Government

Anthony Albanese has taken to Twitter to launch a "two-minute" video on what he believes are the failings of the Coalition government, now in its seventh year of power.

Earlier this month New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern took social media by storm with her two minute challenge to cram in her Labour party's achievement's after two years in government.

"It was pretty impressive and showed what a positive modern government actually looks like," Albanese, Australia's Labor leader says, introducing his video.



Two Years In Two Minutes: Jacinda Ardern Just Out Prime Ministered Herself

She's already one of the most popular world leaders, but New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has won over more hearts with a sensational two-minute video posted to social media.

"But it got me thinking, what if we did the same for our current government here in Australia. So let's run though just a few of things that they've done."

Albanese reeled out his conga line of fails, such as doubling the national debt, cutting penalty rates, the worst wage growth on record, productivity going backwards, smashing consumer demand and the official interest rate falling below one percent.

There were also robodebt notices to vulnerable Australians, ripping money out of the NDIS, rejecting a bank royal commission 26 times and threatening media freedom, to name but a few.

Albanese also squeezed in the odd funny -- "appointed a national wind farm commissioner, 'tin foil hat alert'".

Image: Twitter
Image: Twitter

He then turned on the "impressive" ministerial turnover, including three prime ministers, three deputy prime ministers, three treasurers, five ministers for defence and six ministers for social services.

But Albanese couldn't match Ardern for speed, clocking up 2.12 minutes when he finished his list.

Image: Twitter

"Pretty close to two minutes. Bit of a fail, but not nearly as much as a fail as this government," he quipped.