Just One Aussie State Made Nat Geo's Must-See List For 2020

National Geographic has released its list of the most exciting destinations to visit in 2020, one of which is right here in Australia.

Of all the states and territories on offer, Tasmania is the only one to receive the prestigious honour of sitting on the Best Trips list of 2020.

Why? It's one of Australia's fastest-growing tourism destinations.

National Geographic described the state as being "wild and beautiful," and "far away, yet familiar".

Bay of Fires, East Coast of Tasmania. Image: Getty

"Key to the appeal of Australia’s southernmost state is its raw natural beauty, which it owes largely to a combination of its remoteness and the enduring green spirit of its half-million or so residents," National Geographic said in a statement.

"Swathed in 2,000-year-old trees and home to real-life devils, it’s the stuff outdoor adventures are made of".

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Despite there being no direct international flights to Tassie, airport extension works are underway to open the island up to more adventure seekers.

The long tip over, however, doesn't appear to be a turn off for the publication's editors.

The stunning Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers national park in Tasmania. Image: Getty

"After making the trek here, visitors find that most of Tassie’s attractions are surprisingly accessible," they said, applauding the short four-hour drive covering the length of the state.

"No matter where you base yourself, opportunities to become immersed in nature are never far away -- nearly half the state is designated national park, after all ".

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Tasmania is among 25 destinations to make Nat Geo's list, which has been broken down into four general categories: Culture, City, Nature, and Adventure.

Stanley, Tasmania stuns. Image: Getty

A substantial amount of research goes into the list each year with a goal to bring readers new and transformatively experiences for the new year.

"To build the list we worked with National Geographic editors around the world as well as photographers, writers, explorers and, of course, passionate travellers to report on the essential sites to see and places to be in 2020," Executive Editor of Travel, George Stone said.


  1. Asturias, Spain
  2. Guizhou Province, China
  3. Gobekli Tepe, Turkey
  4. Maya, Guatemala
  5. Mendoza Province, Argentina
  6. Abu Simbel, Egypt
Cudillero, picturesque fishing village at sunset, Asturias, Spain. Image: Getty

-- CITY --

  1. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  2. Telc, Czechia
  3. Fort Kochi, Kerala, India
  4. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  5. Parma, Italy
  6. Puebla, Mexico
The beautiful sunset from Rocky Steps, City Hall, Fountain, Philadelphia Image: Getty

-- NATURE --

  1. Magdalen Islands, Quebec, Canada
  2. Kalahari Desert, Southern Africa
  3. Bialowieza Forest, Belarus/Poland
  4. National Blue Trail, Hungary
  5. Canary Islands, Spain
  6. Maldives
The Magdalen Islands is a beautiful yet diminishing world of ice, home to harp seals.


  1. Tasmania, Australia
  2. Grossglockner High Alpine Road, Austria
  3. Wales Way, United Kingdom
  4. Tohoku, Japan
  5. Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia
  6. Zakouma National Park, Chad
Also on the adventure list is Grossglockner High Alpine Road, Austria. It packs in 36 hairpin bends into its 77 km route. Image: Getty