Unforgettable Fire: U2 Thank Firies During Chance Meeting At Melbourne Airport

One of the world’s most famous rock bands took the time to thank more than 100 Country Fire Authority (CFA) firefighters as they headed off to fight the bushfires in New South Wales.

Bono, The Edge, and the band stopped their car on the tarmac at Melbourne Airport.

“They heard our crews were here and they sought us out to thank us for our contribution and assistance during the NSW bushfires,” CFA Chief Officer Steve Warrington said.

The band’s plane was parked next to the military aircraft which was preparing to take CFA crews to Richmond Airport in NSW.

U2 pose for a photo with Country Fire Authority (CFA) firefighters. Image: CFA

CFA State Agency Commander Mark Kennedy said U2 was driving by the CFA crews on the tarmac when the band decided to stop and meet with around 130 CFA members.

“They got us all together and had the time to have a quick chat with everyone and get photos,” Mr Kennedy said.

Bono talks to firefighters at Melbourne Airport. Image: CFA

“The band members shook just about everyone’s hand and gave all our members a big pat on the back for the work they have been doing."

“Bono and The Edge told CFA members they’re doing a great job and they took such a keen interest in everyone’s story."

U2 band members pose with CFA firefighters

“There were a few big fans among our crew, so it was a pretty special moment for many of our members who were about to depart to assist at the NSW bushfires.”



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