Petrol Prices Set To Skyrocket, Drivers Urged To Shop Around

Motorists are being urged to do their research ahead of an expected petrol price hike in the coming days.

The cost of fuel is on the rise, with warnings some service stations around the country could hike the cost of petrol by as much as 50 cents a litre.

"The average has gone up as it normally would, however, a lot of service stations are more expensive because they have made a [price] jump instantly," NRMA spokesperson Peter Khoury confirmed to 10 daily.

Other servos take longer to react.

Petrol Prices
Some petrol stations hike prices immediately, others take longer to react. Image: Getty.

Currently in Sydney, the difference between the cheapest and most expensive service station is 50 cents a litre.

In Melbourne, there is a disparity of 47 cents a litre.

"Having a wide gap isn’t the worst thing in the world," Khoury explained. "It means there is a lot of service stations that are cheap."

He urged drivers to do their research.

'Do your research,' is the advice from the experts. Image: Getty

"When there’s a 50 cent gap, don’t fill up at $1.74, fill up at $1.24. Do some research before you get in the car.

"There is no reason that people should be paying $1.74," he continued, explaining that in some suburbs such as Penrith in Sydney's west, drivers will find a huge difference in petrol prices at servos within metres of each other.

While frustrating for drivers, the large price gap is perfectly legal.

Currently, the average price for regular unleaded in Sydney is $1.41 per litre, up 7 cents in the past week.

Petrol prices are on the rise. Image: Getty.

Prices are expected to peak at $1.65 later this week, with the most expensive retailers expected to reach about 10 cents a litre higher again.

In Melbourne, the average cost of unleaded is sitting at $1.35 per litre, the most expensive is just under $1.75.

In Brisbane, you can fill up for $1.27 a litre with a peak price of $1.76.

Perth isn't exempt either wit the cost of unleaded to surge by 20 cents a litre to $1.55 per litre, according to Fuel Watch.