Mum Battling Lupus Gets Organ Donation From Her Daughter's Teacher

Tracy Shearin-Drayton, a pre-school teacher and mother from Greensboro, North Carolina, thought she'd have to wait five to eight years to get a kidney transplant.

Shearin-Drayton was diagnosed with Lupus in 2009, and in August, she made a public plea for a kidney donation, sharing her story with local news station WFMY.

Now, the wait is over. Shearin-Drayton has found her 'kidney sister' -- and it's someone who was close to her eight-year-old daughter, Jada.

Pam Oast taught Jada when she was in kindergarten. After hearing 31-year-old Shearin-Drayton was on the registry for a new kidney in Pittsburgh, Oast got tested to be a donor match, hoping to save the mum.

Tracy Shearin-Drayton's daughter Jada wears a shirt supporting her mother, who has Lupus. Jada's former teacher Pam Oast agreed to donate Tracy a kidney. Image: Facebook

Shearin-Drayton has a rare blood type -- B-positive -- but Oast ended up being a perfect match. She decided to pay a visit to Shearin-Drayton in the hospital and surprise her with the news.

"I've always wanted to give, always. I've given my whole life, and I feel like that's what I was put here for," Oast told WFMY.

As Shearin-Drayton lay in her hospital bed, battling complications from her dialysis treatment, Oast crept in holding a sign. "Will you be my kidney sista?" the sign read.

Upon reading it, Shearin-Dayton was overcome with emotions. "I cried. I screamed. So many emotions ran through my body," she told WFMY.

The surprise was caught on video and has gone viral. Shearin-Dayton wailed. She was in disbelief her daughter's former teacher had become her saviour.

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Oast has to undergo more tests, but when they are complete, she and Shearin-Dayton will go to Pittsburgh for the procedure.

"It doesn't scare me one bit," Oast said. "If I can help save her life and make her life better so she can be here for [Jada] then I'll do it."