Queensland's Iconic Weis Icecream Factory To Close

The Toowoomba based Weis icecream factory will close at the end of 2020.

Weis was founded in the Queensland city in 1957.

The company was bought by multinational food giant Unilever in 2017.

On Thursday Unilever revealed plans to transfer the manufacturing of Weis icecreams from Toowoomba to New South Wales.

The change could mean the loss of about 90 jobs.

The decision comes after a review of Unilever's Australia and New Zealand icecream business which includes Ben & Jerry's and Paddlepop.

Unilever plans to shut down the Weis icecream factory in Queensland by the end of the year. Image: Facebook

Chief Executive Clive Stiff said in a statement that cost, competition and distribution issues had put pressure on the business, according to News Corp.

He also said the Weis family were made aware of the decision.

A Weis icecream ad. Image: Supplied

"We appreciate their deep disappointment, and we understand this is not something they would have foreseen when they sold the business to Unilever," Stiff said.

"This is not a decision we have taken lightly and we recognise that this announcement will affect everyone on-site at Toowoomba as well as the local community."