Firies Forced To Take Cover As Hot Pink Flame Retardant Rains Down

Vision has emerged of the moment a giant load of hot pink flame retardant coated a Sydney suburb, sending unsuspecting firefighters running for cover.

Dozens of properties were in the firing line on Tuesday as a fast-moving blaze ripped through bushland at South Turramurra on Sydney's upper north shore.

As firies battled the flames from all angles, a jet filled with fire retardant flew over the emergency level blaze, coating everything in its path.

Two firefighters from the Mortdale station were caught completely off-guard and were forced to take cover. The whole thing was caught on camera.

Firies are doused in hot pink fire retardant. Image: Fire and Rescue NSW

Footage shows the substance begin to rain down on the pair as they set up multiple fire hoses.

Within seconds, the roadway, trees and firies were covered in a thick coating of fire retardant.

Firies are doused in hot pink fire retardant. Image: Fire and Rescue NSW

"Cam footage of our crew getting a little help from above while protecting properties at the Turramurra Emergency Warning fire," Fire and Rescue NSW Mortdale captioned the video.

The station confirmed to 10 daily the fire crews had no idea the retardant was coming adding that a GoPro had been set up on the truck to film the blaze.

Firies are doused in hot pink fire retardant. Image: Fire and Rescue NSW



Pilot Accidentally Covers Sydney Suburb In Bright Pink Flame Retardant

The firefighting pilot who dumped a giant load of bright pink flame retardant on a northern Sydney suburb has revealed the manoeuvre was actually a slight "drop button" miscalculation.

You can watch the whole incident play out above.

The firefighting pilot who dumped the giant load of flame retardant revealed that he should have dropped it earlier to avoid dousing dozens of homes.

"We don’t usually plan that", Todd Davis told 10 News First on Wednesday.

"Fire retardant doesn’t do a whole lot of good for the house as far as protecting it goes," he said.

"I wish we dropped a little bit earlier".

Chemical fire retardant is seen after being dropped on houses in Turramurra, north of Sydney. Image: AAP



Aussies Showing Incredible Kindness Amidst Tragedy

Hundreds of homes have been destroyed or damaged, four lives have been lost as bushfires continued to rage but among the destruction and devastation has been a wave of support and generosity.

Despite the colourful mess, the drop did its job, with all houses saved from the flames.

The blaze was one of dozens burning across the state. NSW Rural Fire service confirmed that 259 homes have been destroyed in blazes across the state since last Friday.

More than 2,100 properties in the direct path of the fire have been saved.

The danger isn't over yet, with authorities battling hot, dry and windy conditions again on Friday.