Health Dominates This Year's Product Of The Year Awards As Aussies Attempt To Get On Top Of Theirs

It's the world's largest consumer-voted award and Australians have weighed in to determine their 35 favourite products across a range of categories including beauty, health, cleaning and confectionery.

More than a third of the award-winning products had a focus on health in 2019.

The Product of the Year was established over 30 years ago in France by former L’OREAL executive, Christian LeBret, and currently operates in dozens of countries.

The goal is to help guide consumers to the best products in their market and reward manufacturers for quality and innovation.

This year over 10,000 Australian shoppers have had their say and voted for their favourite products.

Based on the results, Aussies are increasingly investing in their health, with, 13 out of 35 winning categories sitting within the ‘health’ segment. This ranged from healthy snacks, food, oral care, digestive and gut health, and supplements.

Gut health products were a winner. Image: supplied

“We’re thrilled to see that healthier alternatives are increasingly available in stores as consumers are yearning for this," Product of the Year Director Sarah Connelly said.

There was also an increase in ‘self-care’ products on the list.

"As the importance placed on mental health and well-being in society continues to escalate, not only will these products improve consumer’s quality of life, they are also becoming more affordable and accessible," she said.

13 Winning Health-Related Products 
  • Gut Relief With Probiotics
  • Canesten PH Test
  • Nature’s Way Beauty Collagen Shot
  • Sunsol Probiotic Toasted Muesli
  • Kalmer Kava
  • Listerine Go Tabs
  • Blis Probiotic Throatguard
  • Voltaren Emulgel
  • Pop’d Chips
  • Rice Puff Bars
  • Sun Barrier Tone Up Whitening Sunscreen
  • Sophie Monk Choc Love Bites
  • Sparkling Juice Brothers

These consumer shopping results are in line with a 2018 IBISWorld report that found health consciousness has risen over the past five years and the trend is expected to continue in Australia, as obesity rates continue to rise.

Other category winners. Image: supplied

IBISWorld, which specialises in industry market research, compiled an index of health indicators to look at Australia's receptiveness to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The nation's aging population will likely boost fruit and vegetable consumption in the next five years.

“Anticipated increases in per capita fruit and vegetable consumption are projected to drive demand for the fruit and vegetable retailing industry,” IBISWorld industry analyst Bao Vuong said at the time.

The Product Of The Year panel of judges, comprised of industry experts, first tested the products for quality, credibility, and innovation.

The resulting scores were collated into a shortlist of finalists which were then reviewed and voted for by 10,000 Australians.

Categories include Food and Beverage, Health and Beauty, Personal Care, Household Products, Pet Supplies, Pharmaceuticals, Small Appliances and Electronics.



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There was also a spike in relatively unknown or new brands winning category gongs.

"It’s pleasing to see that consumers are backing these independent brands, with our research finding that ‘more than half of the consumers surveyed would purchase new products, even if they were unaware of the brand name,’” Connelly said.



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The Nielsen research that helps determines the winners involves evaluating uniqueness, excitement, relevance, likability and innovation.

Price continues to be a leading decision making factor, followed by recommendations from friends and family.

Coles also scooped up five awards; within the Cheese, Bakery, Cakes, Household Cleaning and Meal Solution categories.

While entry to Product Of The Year is free, products that make it to the judging panel round pay a fee of $6000 and there is one-time winner fee of $18500 for category winners.

This helps cover the cost of the independent program as well as provides publicity to the product's manufacturer.

The full list of winners can be found here. 

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