Brekky Wrap: Mother Strangled By Scarf While Baking With Teenage Son

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A mother has died after her scarf got caught in a food processor while she was making a cake with her son. The tragedy unfolded at a home in St Etienne, France on Sunday morning. The 15-year-old boy reportedly 'panicked' when the garment became tangled and called emergency services who urged him to immediately unplug the device.  Despite efforts to revive the 58-year-old mother, she couldn't be revived. An autopsy will be carried out.

The woman got her scarf caught in a food processor. Image: Getty

NSW is bracing for "catastrophic" weather conditions in what could be the most dangerous bushfire week in Australian history. Hot, dry and windy conditions are expected to fan the flames of more than 50 bushfires burning across the state. Three people have been killed, 150 homes destroyed and close to one million hectares has been blackened. More than 600 schools and TAFE campuses have been shut down. A week-long state of emergency has been declared with Premier Gladys Berejiklian pleading with people to stay away from bushfire-prone areas.


Bushfire Crisis


Hundreds Of NSW Schools To Close Due To Bushfire Risk

Hundreds of NSW schools and TAFE campuses will be closed due to the forecast 'catastrophic' bushfire risk.

Meanwhile, Queensland is bracing for severe fire danger with conditions expected to deteriorate today. A state of emergency has been declared as firefighters battle 55 bushfires burning statewide. Conditions are expected to peak tomorrow. At least eight properties have been destroyed.

Brisbane's Southbank on Monday afternoon. Image: Twitter/Christopher Joonas Tiainen.

To other news, Brisbane Broncos star David Fifita is back in Australia after being released from a Bali prison. The 19-year-old was arrested and charged over an alleged nightclub assault early Saturday morning. He’s expected to be grilled by the NRL integrity unit today.

Brisbane Broncos player David Fifita was arrested in Bali. Image: AAP



NRL Star David Fifita Walks Free From Bali Prison After 'Peace Agreement'

Brisbane NRL star David Fifita has been released from prison in Bali and is expected to return to Australia after three days behind bars.

Text messages could soon be sent to festival goers in Victoria, alerting them to dangerous drugs. Under a new plan being considered, confiscated drugs would be tested on site, reports the Herald Sun. The Victorian Ambulance Union has backed the move, with the hopes it could save lives and free up paramedics.

A Compact FTIR Spectrometer pill testing machine could help save lives. Image: AAP Image/Lukas Coch

Security at Parliament House is under review after a protestor scaled the building in support of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The demonstrator told onlookers to send him up a sleeping bag, claiming he wouldn’t get down unless Assange was released by British authorities. He was later arrested on a rooftop balcony.

A protestor demanded Julian Assange e released. Image: Lukas Coch via AAP

Two people are fighting for life after another day of violent demonstrations in Hong Kong.  One protestor was shot at close range by a police officer, while a second person was doused in flammable liquid and set alight. A third was hit by live rounds. It is the latest violence in 24 weeks of unrest.

Live-streamed footage shows a police officer try to give chase before he pulls out a service pistol, pointed it at the protester. Image: Cupid Producer



Hong Kong Police Filmed Shooting Protester

Hong Kong police have reportedly opened fire and hit at least one protester, dramatic footage claims to show.

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