Biggest Names In Politics Attend Tribute Dinner For Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott thinks been lauded as "a servant of our nation" and warrior who has lived his life for others at a Sydney tribute dinner attended by some of the biggest names in Australian politics.

The former prime minister, who lost his Warringah seat to Independent MP Zali Steggall at the May federal election, was enthusiastically celebrated at the dinner hosted by Alan Jones in Sydney's north on Thursday night.

"What a night. I keep thinking: what if I had actually won?," Abbott joked after taking to the stage.

Guests included current and former prime ministers Scott Morrison and John Howard, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and federal frontbenchers Josh Frydenberg, Peter Dutton and Angus Taylor.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott speaks during his tribute dinner in Sydney. Image: Biance De Marchi

Abbott's wife, Margie, couldn't be there as she was recovering in hospital from a lumpectomy, the crowd heard.

"All of you, I think are quite rightly anxious but I just wanted you to know that within two days of being diagnosed, she walked 100 miles," Abbott said. "She is one tough woman and she will get through this."

Howard said Abbott was "a great political winner" who "effectively destroyed the Labor government in three years".

He paid tribute to his border protection work and the warmth he brought to issues such as indigenous policy.

"Tony and I didn't always agree on some issues, but you always knew that Tony's heart was in what he espoused and what he believed in," Howard said.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and former prime minister John Howard arrive for a tribute dinner for former prime minister Tony Abbott. Image: Bianca De Marchi via AAP

The former prime minister told the crowd that fundamentally, they were honouring "a servant of our nation" who "has lived his life for others".

Morrison opened his speech with "how good is Tony Abbott?", before telling the crowd: "don't be too quiet tonight, quiet Australians".

He said in his time as prime minister, Abbott laid the foundation for the government, scrapped the carbon and mining taxes, and, in "one of his finest moments", brought back the Australians killed in the downing of MH17.

Dutton, meanwhile, said Abbott was "one of the most intelligent people in the life of our nation".

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and former prime minister Tony Abbott. Image: AAP.

Abbott took the opportunity to pay tribute to his loved ones and former colleagues including Morrison, who he said had redeemed the government with his "near-miraculous" election victory.

"Had we lost this election, this government would have been judged an embarrassing failure," Abbott said.

"So I might have started it - but frankly Scott, you have saved it.

"And for that, I do not normally bracket myself with Malcolm Turnbull, but Malcolm Turnbull and I both owe you a tremendous debt."