Petition To Save Staffy 'Hero' From Being Put Down Goes Viral

Hundreds of thousands of people have signed a petition to stop the staffy who attacked and killed a dachshund from being put to sleep.

The dog attack incident sparked a war of words between dog owners on social media, with conflicting accounts of what happened and who was at fault.



CCTV Footage Provides Clues To What Reportedly Happened During Vicious Dog Mauling


But after CCTV footage was released to the media on Wednesday, people have rallied around the staffy.

The petition SAVE HERO THE STAFFY FROM BEING PTS has gone viral, surpassing 270,000 signatures.

The petition creator Emma McLean states that while the death of another dog was extremely sad Hero's death is not the answer.

"Witness has come forward on social media and stated that the three dogs in fact did attack Hero, and that the fault was not Hero."

CCTV footage seen by 10 News First appears to show a woman with three unleashed dogs before the attack.

It appears the three dogs raced towards another woman, her child and her Staffy who was in a harness.

The woman quickly grabs her son and jumps onto a picnic table to avoid the oncoming dogs. At this point, the Staffy fought back against the trio, eventually mauling a Dachshund to death.

"Let's not make an already heartbreaking tragedy worse by putting a dog to death for defending himself and his family," McLean writes.

Some Aussie staffy owners are also using the hashtag #dontblamethebreed on social media to advocate for their furry friends.