WATCH: Scotsman Filmed Trying To Launch Cracker From His Clacker

Guy Fawkes night went cheekily awry and out of kilter for one Scot, who was captured in a video trying to launch a firework from his bare backside.

In the video, a friend wearing black can be seen lighting the firework between another man's cheeks while laughing hysterically.

After the rocket is ignited, sparks fly onto the mans' back. It is not known if anyone was severely injured from the explosion.

Image: Twitter

A representative from Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents told The Sun, “It doesn’t take a bright spark to know that fireworks are not to be toyed with".



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The video was posted on social media and has currently had over 580,000 views. Many commenters found the stunt irresponsible.

"Again... proof as to why women live longer than men," one user said.

"This fool is going to remember, every time he has to poop, for years," said another.

"Probably wouldn’t quite have killed him but could easily have blown a massive chunk of his back off," another said.

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