Brekky Wrap: Family Finds Pictures Of Backpacker's Body On Social Media

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The family of a young British backpacker have been left horrified after pictures of her body were posted to social media. Amelia Bambridge went missing after a beach party in Cambodia. Her body was found by fishermen off the island of Koh Rong 10 days later. Hours later, images of her floating body were posted to Facebook and Instagram and were discovered by family members. One image, in particular, was shared on Instagram by a U.S. based pathologist with close to two million followers. “Get this shared and get this f*****g insensitive woman to stop posting pictures of my dead sister,” Bambridge's brother Harry posted to social media.

The photo has since been removed. It's understood Facebook took action when alerted to the disturbing images. "We have clear rules against posting graphic content when we are made aware of this content we remove it," a spokesperson said. "People often use Facebook and Instagram to share stories in the news and this can result in content appearing that some may find upsetting." It's not known if all were removed.

Amelia Bambridge went missing earlier this month. Image: AAP

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has met with China’s Premier on the sidelines of the East Asia Summit in Bangkok. The leaders vowed to get the relationship between the two countries ‘on the right track’, while also discussing the potential to be partners on energy. Meanwhile, Morrison is set to announce changes to working holiday visas. Australia has agreed to increase the number of visas granted to young Thai nationals from 500 to 2000.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison shakes hands with Premier of the People's Republic of China Li Keqiang. Image: Lukas Coch via AAP

Drought ravaged towns in NSW have finally received some much-needed rainfall.  Between 25 and 50 millimetres fell on the Central West and North Western parts of the state. The town of Bourke received more than 90 mm over the weekend.

A tourist bus has overturned in France, injuring dozens of people.  There were 32 passengers, including Australians on board when the bus skidded on wet roads, crashed into a barrier and overturned. Four people were seriously injured, while 25 others were hurt.

Image: Reuters.



Australians Among 33 People Injured In Freak Bus Crash

Four people are seriously injured and 25 others hurt after a bus carrying tourists, including Australians, overturned in France.

A politician has had his ear bitten off during a knife attack in Hong Kong.Five people were injured during clashes at a pro-democracy protest, two are fighting for life. The attacker was subdued by members of the public.

Riot police use pepper spray as they attempt to make an arrest. Image: Anthony Kwan/ Getty

A Victorian woman is due in court, accused of abducting two children. The 31-year-old allegedly forged documents to be employed as an au pair before taking off with two children in Bendigo. The two girls, aged four and 10 months were returned uninjured to their parents on Friday.

There is a push to remove signs warning NSW drivers of speed cameras. Currently, signs sit 200 metres ahead of fixed and mobile cameras. The state government claims it could help save 54 lives each year.

There are calls to ditch the speed camera warning signs. Image: AAP



Drivers Fume Over Plan To Remove Speed Camera Warning Signs

As part of a new plan to 'save lives', the New South Wales government is moving to remove speed camera and red light warnings.

In sport, Ash Barty has claimed the biggest winner’s cheque in tennis history, beating Ukraine’s Elina Svitolina in the WTA Finals. The 23-year-old world number one takes homes a cool $6.4 million. She plans to splash some cash on her niece and nephew.

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