Cop Who Wore 'EAD Hippy' Sticker Facing Disciplinary Action

A police officer may be reprimanded after a photo was shared of him with "EAD Hippy" -- jargon for "eat a d*ck" -- scrawled on his body worn camera as he patrolled an anti-mining protest in Melbourne.

A protester named Kate Thompson took the picture on Thursday morning during a rally outside a global mining conference being held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

It showed the unnamed officer posing grimly for the camera, with the words "EAD Hippy" clearly seen scrawled on his own body camera.

Thompson posted the shots on her Facebook page on Friday morning, and the snaps quickly went viral.

Victoria Police issued a statement on Friday night, confirming it had identified the policeman and was considering "disciplinary action".

Image: Twitter

"We have identified the police officer who was photographed at this week's protest with a comment on his body-worn camera and can confirm the image is real," it said.

"We are still working to ascertain how and why this comment was on his camera."

The photo showed the unnamed officer posing grimly for the camera, with the words "EAD Hippy" scrawled on his own body camera. Image: Facebook

Thompson posted a collection of photos and videos to Facebook from the protests that documented the officers on patrol.

She wrote she had observed "a culture amoungst (sic) police to conceal their badges and support other officers in doing so".

"I would firstly like to draw attention to the officer in picture. He has a sticker over his camera reading 'EAD hippy', meaning 'eat a d*ck hippy', demonstrating prejudice against hippie protesters and an intention to keep his camera off," Thompson wrote.

Officers on duty at the environmental protests have been accused of getting physical with activists, and using pepper spray and batons.

VIC Police deploy OC spray on anti-mining protesters outside the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre on Tuesday. Image: AAP

Activists have also taken to social media to argue one officer, not depicted in this article, who was on duty at the Melbourne protests was photographed doing a "white power" hand sign.

On Friday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison delivered a speech to the Queensland Resources Council where he threatened to crackdown on environmental protesters who would "deny liberty".

Morrison branded the activists as "anarchists" and claimed progressives are seeking to “deny the liberties of Australians”.

“Apocalyptic in tone, it brooks no compromise,” he said.

“It’s all or nothing. Alternative views are not permitted.

“Let me assure you this is not something my government intends to allow to go unchecked."