Aussie Netflix Users The Latest To Be Targeted By Scammers

Malicious emails have infiltrated the inboxes of Netflix users around Australia.

The phishing email scam looks like official Netflix correspondence, bearing the streaming giant's logo and a subject line reading: About your subscription.

Users are told that a change had been noticed in their account and are advised to update their payment information 'immediately', or risk losing access to the service.

A link is provided, encouraging would-be victims to click.

Image: MailGuard

Those who do click on the link are led to a replica Netflix branded log-in page.

It consists of a near-exact logo, colour scheme and font, as well as imagery often seen on the service's homepage, in a bid to convince the user that the request for details is genuine.

When details are entered, a separate webpage asks for credit card details to update payment information.

Image: MailGuard

"The inclusion of the threat in the email that the recipients won’t be able to use Netflix’s services if they don’t update their payment information is also a trick designed to spark panic and urgency, motivating quick action," explained email security company MailGuard.

The final phishing page is designed to harvest personal credit card details.

Image: MailGuard

While at first glance the email and links may look genuine, there are several red flags that can be spotted by vigilant users.

Firstly, there are a handful of spelling and grammatical errors.



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"Spacing errors are also present throughout the email, a trait that is expectedly not likely to be present if the email was, in fact, being sent from a well-established organisation such as Netflix," the blog post read.

There were more than 11.2 million Netflix subscribers in Australia in February, according to data from Roy Morgan. That's up 25 percent a year ago.

Anyone who receives the email is being urged to immediately delete it. If you are concerned about your account, contact Netflix directly.

10daily has contacted Netflix for comment.