Thunderstorm Asthma, Smoke And Fire Threats: Wild Weather Warnings Across Australia

Brace yourselves Australia, from smoke hazes to fire warnings and thunderstorms, we're set for some crazy weather conditions today.

An asthma alert has been issued for Victoria, with thunderstorms and rising temperatures of up to 35 degrees forecast for some parts of the state today.

Strong winds are expected for Wimmera in western Victoria, increasing the dangers of asthma attacks, according to the Victoria Department of Health.

The Bureau of Meteorology told 10 daily that temperatures in the mid-30s will hit most parts of Victoria today, climbing to 35 on the Mercury in Shepparton in northern Victoria.

"We're likely to see storms develop in the west of the state in the late afternoon and early evening. Severe fire warnings are forecast for Mallee, with a total fire ban in place," said BoM Senior Forecaster, Michael Efron.

A smoke haze has engulfed parts of eastern New South Wales, following severe bush fires in the north of the state.

"We've had a lot of fires in the north-east of the state which has generated a lot of smoke due to the wind direction, which has drifted over most of eastern New South Wales and we're expecting similar wind conditions today," said Bom Forecaster, Elli Blandford.

Air quality is poor in the city's west and north-west, with conditions rated hazardous in St Mary's and parts of Newcastle by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment is urging people living in these areas to stay inside as much as possible.

In South Australia, fire warnings are in place for the Eastern Eyre Peninsula, Flinders, Mid North, Mount Lofty Ranges and Yorke Peninsula.



The Heatwave Is Here: Aussies Prepare For Hottest October Day In Four Years

Australians are set to swelter as a heatwave moves across the country affecting almost every major city.

According to BoM, hot and windy with northerly winds increasing and showers and thunderstorms are behind the conditions.

Temperatures in Adelaide will reach up to 32 degrees today, BoM said.

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