Road Rage Killer Jamie Saxon Sentenced To Life For German Backpacker Murder

Jamie Saxon has been found guilty of murdering German backpacker Dominik Schulze after a road rage incident in 2017.

Schulze was stabbed in the incident on Milton Rd in Brisbane on October 6, 2017.

Jens Mennebroecker told a trial he and Schulze had drunk cheap wine and beer into the early hours of that morning, before a fight with Saxon at an intersection on that busy Brisbane road.

The altercation left his mate dead.

German backpacker Dominik Schulze, 30, was murdered in Milton in 2017. IMAGE: Facebook

The court head the two German backpackers were drunk and happy after a night out, when Schulze -- who was partially naked and waving his genitalia -- was clipped by a car driven by Saxon's girlfriend.

Saxon, aged 33 at the time, was angry when he got out of the car as Schulze stood up, apparently uninjured.

The court was told that after a verbal confrontation, Saxon took a knife from the car and stabbed Schulze up to four times.

He was rushed to hospital after 4am but within a few hours Schulze had died.

Saxon does not dispute fatally stabbing the 30-year-old, but denies murdering him.

He pled not guilty to the charge in the Brisbane Supreme Court, but on Thursday afternoon he was found guilty of murder.

He was also sentenced to life in prison.