WATCH: Man Mows Down Group Of Men Who Attempted To Kidnap Him

Warning: Graphic Content

CCTV captured the moment a man ploughs through a group of armed men who attempted to break into his home and kidnap him.

An investigation is underway after the driver ran down the armed men in Mexico City.

The video shows the driver reversing into his garage when a group of men in a blue 4WD jump out of the vehicle, carrying guns, and run into the garage before the door closes.

The driver hits the pedal and mows down the group, leaving one perpetrator crushed underneath the car.

The suspects dressed in black bend down to enter the garage, however, the driver accelerates and attacks them. Image: Reddit

The disorientated suspect who appeared to be injured got up and fled the scene alongside his other accomplices.

The driver, in a panic, sped off hitting another vehicle and rushed to report the incident to local police.

Authorities in Mexico City initiated an investigation immediately after the driver stated several individuals "deprived him of his freedom", according to reports.



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