Woman Who Blackmailed Parents Of Dying Baby Faces Up To 15 Years Behind Bars

A woman who harassed a grieving couple with messages as their terminally ill baby was dying in their arms has pleaded guilty to blackmail in a Melbourne court.

In April, 25-year-old Malaysian citizen Siti Kamal replied to a Facebook post from Jay Windross, pleading for his wife’s stolen mobile phone to be returned, given the phone contained countless photos of their dying baby.

Kamal, a mother of two, requested $1000 be transferred to her bank account to secure the phone’s return, and also threatened to sell it. However, Kamal didn’t have the phone and it has never been recovered.

She first contacted Jay Windross as he and his wife were in a meeting with their baby’s medical team, as doctors broke the news their daughter wouldn’t survive. Amiyah Victoria Windross died in the Monash Children’s hospital the next day, while being cradled by her parents.

Jay and Dee Windross and their daughter Amiyah who died in April. IMAGE: Facebook

Kamal continued messaging after she was told Amiyah had died.

The Samsung phone contained hundreds of messages and videos of Amiyah, who suffered an undiagnosed neurological condition. Dee Windross accidentally left her mobile on top of a toilet roll holder in the Chadstone Shopping Centre in April this year. She returned to the toilets only moments later but the phone was gone.

On Thursday, the grieving mother read a powerful victim impact statement in Victoria's County Court, telling of how her phone contained priceless memories of her baby.

She described how the WhatsApp messages sent to her husband took their attention away from the last moments of their daughter’s life.

She added she’d like to know how the mother of two would feel, “had it been one of her children’s hearts slowly beating less and less while they lay on her chest.”

Jay Windross with Amiyah who died in April. IMAGE: Facebook

“This woman has stolen so much of my ability to trust others in my life.”

“If a woman, a mother herself, could do this to people in our situation, how could I trust anyone again?”

Kamal’s lawyer has told the Judge his client was a desperate and immature woman with an intellectual disability, who clearly failed to properly grasp the consequences of her actions.

He said the former food delivery rider had pleaded guilty at an early stage.

The maximum penalty for blackmail is 15 years jail.

Kamal will be sentenced at a later date.