Brekky Wrap: Journalist Diagnosed With Breast Cancer While Live Streaming Mammogram

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A reporter has spoken out about discovering that she had breast cancer while live-streaming her first mammogram. Ali Meyer, then 40, booked the appointment in a bid to encourage viewers to schedule their own checkups. I had no concerns; no lumps; no family history; no reason at all to think that my baseline mammogram would turn my world upside down,” she wrote in an article for her station, KFOR. “I was hoping for a routine mammogram, but that’s not how it went.” Meyer was forced to undergo surgery, which was successful. The Oklahoma journalist is now sharing her story in a bid to help other women beat cancer."My outcome was better because my mammogram found the cancer before I even knew it was there".

Ali Meyer found out she had cancer while live streaming. Image: KFOR

The Prime Minister has vowed to crack down on the ‘indulgent and selfish’ practices of climate activists. Scott Morrison will use a speech to warn demonstrators they are testing the limits of the right to protest. It comes amid a chaotic week in Melbourne, with footage showing activists spitting on and pushing workers arriving at an international mining conference.



Protests Turn Violent As Activists Clash With Police

More than 20 climate protestors have been arrested during clashes with riot police in the heart of Melbourne.

Sydneysiders are waking up to smokey conditions for a third day. Strong winds are pushing smoke from a bushfire burning near Port Macquarie, south. Those with chronic respiratory or heart conditions are being urged to stay inside.

Image: AAP Photos

The US House of Representatives have passed a vote to formalise procedures for the impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump.The inquiry will now move into a more public phase. The President has labelled it ‘the greatest witch hunt in American history’.

People living with eating disorders will now have access to up to 40 Medicare subsidised sessions with a psychologist and another 20 with a dietician. Experts say the boost will help ease the burden for those seeking help with patients to save thousands of dollars. One in every 20 Australians lives with an eating disorder.

Image: Getty



Eating Disorder Treatments To Get Major Medicare Boost

Australians who are struggling with an eating disorder will save thousands in treatment costs from tomorrow thanks to a big boost in what they will be allowed to claim on Medicare.

A girl has been taken to hospital after ingesting medication while out trick or treating in Victoria. The girl fell ill at about 8 o clock last night, following Halloween celebrations in Bacchus Marsh, north-west of Melbourne. It's understood she swallowed prescription meds instead of lollies. Police are investigating.

The girl had been trick or treating Image: AAP

Islamic State has confirmed its leader was killed during a raid by U.S. forces in northwestern Syria. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was tracked down and attacked at his compound at the weekend. There was an AU$35.7 million bounty on his head.

An image grab taken from a video released by Al-Furqan Media shows alleged Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi preaching during Friday prayer. Image: Getty

In sport, Glen Maxwell has taken an indefinite break from cricket to focus on his mental health.  D'Arcy Short will replace the allrounder for the upcoming T20 internationals.

Glenn Maxwell at the Cricket World Cup. Image: AAP

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