Warning After Brown Snake Spotted Hiding Under Washing Machine

A family on Queensland's Sunshine Coast was doing their laundry when they spotted a massive brown snake wrapped around the bottom of their washing machine.

The brown snake, which was two metres long, was curled up next to the cables, making it hard to spot.

Stuart McKenzie from the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers said the Queensland family contacted him to remove the snake.

Before McKenzie arrived, the snake made it's own way out of the laundry, slithering into the bushes in the family's backyard.

Image: Supplied.

McKenzie took to Facebook to warn about getting too close to life-threatening snakes after the family sent him a close-up photo of the lethal creature.

"Brown snakes are the second most deadly land snakes in the world," McKenzie told 10 daily.

"I get people sending me photos where they're holding deadly snakes, or they have snakes in plastic containers, which is extremely dangerous. You're not supposed to relocate snakes without a permit," McKenzie said.

Brown snakes are common around this time of year when the weather heats up.

McKenzie said it's "always busy" in summer but they removed fifteen snakes yesterday alone. Snakes seek shelter and will slither into piles of bricks, iron sheeting and timber left in the backyard, McKenzie told 10 daily.



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He said that snakes are attracted to rodents and will seek out chicken sheds, as well as bodies of water.

"If you see a brown snake, stay away and do your best to keep an eye on it. Call a snake catcher to collect it," McKenzie said.

"If you get bitten, stay still and get someone to apply a pressure bandage and either wait for an ambulance or go to the hospital."

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