Brekky Wrap: Family Accidentally Makes Deadly Pipe Bomb During Gender-Reveal

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It's been revealed the family of a grandmother killed during a gender-reveal in rural Iowa on Saturday, had inadvertently made a pipe bomb that exploded. Pamela Kreimeyer, 56, was killed instantly after being hit by a piece of metal. Authorities say family members had been experimenting with explosives in the hopes of posting a colourful announcement on social media. It's understood a metal cylinder was welded to a stand and packed with gunpowder but instead of sending the coloured baby powder into the air, the tape covering the top of the cylinder caused it to detonate like a pipe bomb, reports CBS News.

A woman was killed at a house in Iowa after an explosion during an announcement about the baby’s gender, officials said. Image: CBS News, via YouTube



Woman Dies As A Result Of Gender Reveal Party

An Iowa woman has died after an explosion at a gender reveal party created debris that hit her.

British MPs have rejected a plan to break the political deadlock over Brexit with a December 12 election. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will try again tomorrow. The European Union has agreed to push back the U.K.’s October 31 departure date by three months.

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EU Agree To Extend Brexit Deadline To January 31

The European Union has agreed to delay Brexit until January 31, says the bloc's chairman, Donald Tusk.

A truck driver charged over the deaths of 39 people whose bodies were found in a truck in Essex, has been remanded in custody. The 25-year-old Northern Ireland man is accused of being part of a global human trafficking ring. He’ll font court again next month.

Truck driver Mo Robinson is being questioned by police. Image: Facebook/PA



Driver Of Truck Found With 39 Bodies Appears In Court

The driver of a truck in which 39 people were found dead has appeared in a British court via video link charged with manslaughter and conspiracy to traffic people.

Back home, the man who raped and murdered Israeli student Aya Maasarwe will learn his fate today. Codey Herrmann pleaded guilty to the brutal attack in Melbourne in January. The victim’s family, including her father, are expected to be in the courtroom.

Aya Maasarwe was found dead in Bundoorain January. Image: Supplied

Private health insurers are pushing to pay the bills of patients treated outside the hospital system. According to a new KPMG report, insurers want to fund GP visits, specialist appointments and at-home chemotherapy to help lift the burden on hospitals. Private Healthcare Australia Chief Executive Rachel David told The Australian the current funding method was "hopelessly out of date" and "not fit for purpose".

Image: AAP

Dr Nikki Stamp


The NIB Boss Is Wrong, Scrapping Medicare Would Be A Disaster

As a doctor, I take pride in the fact that when my patients walk out of hospital, the only piece of paper they get is a letter detailing what happened while under our care.

A state of emergency has been declared in California as wildfires rip through LA and Sonoma. Hundreds of residents, including basketball star LeBron James and former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, were forced to flee their homes in the dark.



LeBron James Evacuates House As New California Blaze Erupts

A dangerous wildfire that broke out early on Monday in Los Angeles was threatening hundreds of homes near the world-famous Getty Center.

NSW residents can now use their phone as identification. The digital driver’s licence can also be used as ID in pubs and clubs. South Australia launched a similar app in 2017.

Motorists will need to opt in to get a digital licence.



Digital ID Launches In NSW But Don't Throw Out Your Licence

Drivers across Australia are saying goodbye to their driver's licence, with a new digital option launched.

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