'Frail Old Pathetic Man': Boris Milat's Final Jab At 'Evil' Brother

Boris Milat has taken one final swipe at his brother and backpacker killer Ivan Milat hours after his death, labelling the 74-year-old "bone evil" and a "psychopath".

Milat died in his jail cell early on Sunday morning after serving more than two decades behind bars for the brutal murder and torture of seven young backpackers in the early 1990s.

He had been diagnosed with terminal cancer in May and despite detectives visiting the killer eight separate times before his death, they failed to extract a confession from Milat.

He always maintained his innocence.

Backpacker murderer Ivan Milat.

Almost all of Milat's family believed his plea of innocence. His older brother Boris, however, has always been a vocal critic, confident Milat was guilty.

Speaking to '60 Minutes' hours after receiving news of his brother's death, a tearful Boris took one final swing at the "evil serial killer".

“I see a frail old pathetic man that to me died a long time ago -- he’s nothing but an evil killer,” he said after watching Milat being wheel out of Prince of Wales Hospital after receiving treatment for oesophagus and stomach cancer.

"Don't forget this man has proved to kill seven backpackers in a murderous way…tore at them like animals, tortured their bodies even after they were dead," Boris said, admitting that he was "embarrassed" to be a Milat.

Boris Milat has slammed his brother Ivan, hours after he died of cancer. Image: Nine Network

He also hit out at his 12 siblings and parents Steven and Margaret for being in denial for all of these years.

"They’re denying that he did anything. They’re denying that he killed anybody. They are saying that the police made it all up.

“I’m putting it out there on the family now, and I can’t push it enough, these mongrels hate my guts because I’m the one guy that speaks out... I just want the truth out there".

Boris admitted that it was a shame that "one of the notorious serial killers and psychopaths" didn't admit to his crimes.

"Seeing as he's dead now, the whole saga is best forgotten but remember the victims… remember these innocent people as well," he said.

Milat's sister Maureen says she feels nothing. Image: Nine Network

Milat's former sister-in-law Maureen, who was married to Milat's brother Wally, was also interviewed for the program and admitted that she had an intimate relationship with the serial killer for one year.

Maureen said it was a part of her life she "is not really proud of" and, like Boris, believes that Milat was guilty.

"I believe he did it. He's not innocent."

"To me, he died 20 odd years ago, when he was arrested for this. I have no feelings whatsoever. He's just a person that's died," she said.

"I'd rather remember the person I knew – a nice person."



EXCLUSIVE: Sealed Note Left By Ivan Milat For His Family

Backpacker killer Ivan Milat handed a final, sealed note to his family two days before he died.

10 News First revealed that the 74-year-old handed a note to his family two days before he died.

The one-page letter was to be opened only after his death. Despite hopes it might be a confession, the letter detailed nothing more than his final wishes.

The family has chosen not to arrange a funeral amid concerns it could be hijacked. Instead, they will have a private ceremony before scattering his ashes.