Not So Good Vibrations: CCTV Captures Thief's Quickie At Adult Shop

Adult shops are usually discreet, but a South Australian store has been forced to release CCTV of a man stuffing his pants with a vibrator during an apparent quick daylight robbery.

The man's visit to the Morphett Vale 'Good Vibrations' store was only a quickie - but it won't be forgotten.

Footage, filmed on Monday October 15, appears to show the man putting one of the store's items down his pants and making another cheeky grab before leaving.

But the store's owner is fed up with cheap thieves with expensive taste.

They took to social media to call out the alleged theft.

"We get a lot of impressive customers in store just before they go on a date and we can generally tell who's going to be successful on that date and who isn't," the store posted online.

"We don't think this customer will be successful on any date. First, his jeans are too long. They bunch at the ankle and make his legs look shorter than they are.

The man's visit to the Morphett Vale 'Good Vibrations' store was only a quickie - but it won't be forgotten. Image: 10 News First

"His choice of shirt doesn't leave much to be desired - printed t-shirts should be left to weekends at home.

"But what's really bothering us is the square underwear stuffing. We've always preferred our stuffed underwear outlines to be shapely and curvy. Sharp corners are never a good look."

The man allegedly stole two vibrators worth more than $400.

The store's staff hope that by putting the word out online, he might be inspired to return and pay for the items.

"Unfortunately once an item has left the store we can't put it back on the shelf," Good Vibrations manager Geoff Fields said.

"If he doesn't want to come back, we'll turn him unto a film star."

It's not the first time the store has been targeted by thieves.

In July, a female staff member was assaulted by a different customer attempting to steal a variety of items.

Despite incidents like this, the store has vowed to continue trading - and vows to shame anyone who comes in with sticky fingers - of the thieving kind anyway.