What The Fork? Fake Cop Pulls Over Driver, Steals His Cutlery

Police are investigating allegations a man pretending to be a police officer stopped a driver, before stealing several kitchen cutlery items from his campervan.

At around 1.30am on Saturday October 19, the man driving the campervan was pulled over at Munno Para, in Adelaide's north, by a Toyota Camry with red and blue flashing lights.

The driver of the Camry approached the motorist and identified himself as a police officer, and after a short conversation, proceeded to search the victim's van.

He emerged with several items of kitchen cutlery, taking them with him as he left the scene.

The pretend police officer stole another driver's cutlery, after searching his campervan. Image: Getty

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The van driver became suspicious when he wasn't given a receipt for the stolen goods, and noticed the Camry sedan had very dark tinted windows and no front number plate.

He called police who confirmed the man was not a real police officer.

The suspect is described as Caucasian with a medium build, around 185 centimetres tall with a tanned complexion and receding hairline. He also had a black and grey 'scraggly' looking goatee, and was wearing a dark coloured t-shirt with a black vest and jeans with a pouch attached. He remains on the run.

Police are reminding the community they can always request to see an officer's identification, and call the police assistance line to verify their identity if they're still unsure.

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Feature image: Getty