WATCH: Man Attempts To Get Rid Of Ants, Blows Up Backyard Instead

CCTV captured the moment a man accidentally blew up his backyard after trying to get rid of ants.

Social media lit up after CCTV vision emerged of a man attempting to get rid of some ants in his backyard -- except the plan blew up in his face. Literally.

The video shows the man lighting a match and throwing it on the lawn area where the ants appear to be located.

Image: Reddit

His two dogs are seen lingering around the lawn before the event unfolded.

Seconds later, his lawn blows up.

The man jolted back in disbelief but luckily, it appears the man wasn't seriously injured nor were his two dogs. The video was uploaded to social media on the weekend and at the time of publishing had been viewed over 1.2 million times.

Users were left shook with some saying, "Now that’s the quick way the air rate your lawn".

"What a quick way to dig the back yard up to put in a pool".

"Imagine trying to explain this to the Mrs".

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