Australian Man Tragically Shot Dead In The U.S.

A Queensland man has been shot dead during a violent home invasion in Texas.

Brenton Estorffe, 29, was asleep with his wife and two young children when the two intruders forced their way into the property at Katy, west of Houston on Wednesday.

The duo opened fire when Estorffe confronted them before fleeing the scene.

According to local media, a neighbour heard shots ring out and ran to the home to try and resuscitate the Australian, but he couldn't be saved.

“It really happened so quickly,” said Fort Bend Sheriff Troy Nehls. “You hear the glass breakage. You’re startled, you get out of bed. And then, within just a few ­seconds or so, there’s gunfire.”

Brenton Estorffe with his wife, Angelenna, and two children Image: Facebook

“It’s sad. Sad. We have a homeowner here in Fort Bend County who is no longer with us — and the father of two small children. Breaks your heart,” he said.

The incident has left the usually quiet neighbourhood shaken.

Kimberley Patele, who lives nearby told local TV station KHOU that there are rarely issues in the area.

“We’ve left our doors unlocked because we feel this is such a quiet neighbourhood," she said.

"It’s pretty shocking, to be honest”.

Estorffe is the third Australian to be gunned down in the United States and Canada in recent years.

In July, Lucas Fowler and his American girlfriend were shot dead on an Alaskan highway, north of British Columbia, while Justine Damond was killed by Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor in 2017.

Lucas Fowler was gunned down in July. Photo: Supplied.

The Australian reports that Estorffe, originally from Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast, joined his brother Corbin in the U.S. to play NFL.

He played one season as a punter for Sothern Virginia University in 2012 but was never reselected.

By 2015, he was married and had moved to the small Texan town of Katy, with a population of just over 18,000.

"Still not real brother," Corbin wrote in an emotional tribute on social media. "Life will never ever be the same without you."

Brenton Estorffe with his wife, Angelenna, Image: Facebook

"Hands down you are my hero the way you stood up for your family. Can only dream to be a little bit like you.

"Thanks for the amazing times we had together".

Police are scouring through CCTV footage in the hopes of finding the two suspects.

A GoFundMe page set up to help pay for funeral costs amassed close to $8,000 in just seven hours.