Girl Wakes Up To Find Kangaroo Swimming In Backyard Pool

An Adelaide woman has shared video online of a kangaroo that jumped her back fence and hopped straight into her swimming pool.

Cheryl Sawtell was on the train to work on Monday when she received a frantic call from her 11-year-old daughter, telling her there was a kangaroo in the pool of their Seaford Rise home, south of Adelaide.

"The train was full and I got a Facetime call from my daughter screaming through the phone that there was a kangaroo in the pool, and it was huge!" Cheryl told 10 daily on Wednesday.

The kangaroo managed to find its way to the shallow end of the pool. Image: Cheryl Sawtell

The kangaroo was down the deep end of the pool, and Cheryl's daughter tried to use a stick to coax it to more shallow water so it could stand up.

By then, everyone on the train had heard her daughter's distress and were aware of the situation. Many crowded around Cheryl's phone to try and offer some help.

"In the meantime, people on the train were getting their phones out and showing me phone numbers, writing rescue fauna places' phone numbers down on paper and giving it to me," Cheryl said.

Fortunately, the kangaroo managed to hop out of the pool on his own, and before long was bouncing its way down the street and back to nearby bushland - while Cheryl was left to share the happy news to the other passengers on the train.

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Eventually, the roo managed to hop to dry land.

"It's not something you expect to happen in the middle of the suburbs  - to have a kangaroo in your pool!"

Cheryl's daughter has also bounced back from the ordeal, and has a great tale to tell her classmates.

"She was embarrassed when she realised that everyone had heard her screaming over Facetime... but it was the first day back at school so she certainly had something interesting to tell everybody!"

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