Brekky Wrap: Incredible Moment Police Save Man Seconds Before Train Hits Car

All the news you need to know this Thursday.

Dramatic footage has emerged of the moment a policeman in the USA pulled an unconscious driver from a car, seconds before a train sped through and demolished the vehicle. Footage shows Highway Patrol Trooper Ruben Correa running up a slope to the car, as the train's light nears. “Get out of here — we got a train coming!” he can be heard yelling. The pair tumbled down the hill as the train smashes through the stationary car, sending debris flying. Neither the officer nor the driver was injured. "An incredible and heroic action by Trooper Ruben Correa," Utah Highway Patrol Colonel Michael Rapish said. "We are so grateful that the Driver and Trooper are safe after this extremely close call."

Firefighters in northern NSW are on high alert as hot and windy conditions return. Six total fire bans are in place. It comes a week after several bushfires swept through the region, destroying 64 homes and killing an elderly couple.

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At least one person has been killed and dozens injured after an earthquake rattled the southern Philippines. The 6.4 magnitude quake struck 80 km southwest of central Davao, opening up cracks in buildings and knocking power out, sending residents running into the streets.

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iremen try to put out a fire inside a mall following a 6.4-magnitude quake in General Santos City, in southern island of Mindanao Image: Edwin Espejp via AAP

Staying overseas, Donald Trump has declared the escalating Turkey-Syria conflict "not our problem". It comes as the US faces criticism for withdrawing its forces from Syria, allowing Turkey to launch a cross-border offensive in the north of the country against Kurdish forces. Speaking overnight, Trump said the area was "not our border", and that the Kurds were "no angels".

President Donald Trump could be headed for the impeachment process if the inquiry finds reason to do it. Image: Getty

Britain and the European Union are working to thresh out a last-minute Brexit deal. While an agreement appeared near-certain yesterday, the EU’s Donald Tusk says “doubts” have appeared on the UK side. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is trying to get his MPs on board with his revised plan for Northern Ireland.

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Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Photo: AAP

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have taken their tour of Pakistan to the country's mountain region. After visiting a melting glacier, witnessing first hand the impact of climate change, Prince William and Kate took part in a traditional dance with locals.

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Tens of thousands of year 12 students will sit their first HSC exam this morning. English tests kick off the 18 days of testing. Students are being reminded the exams aren't the be all and end all

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Image: AAP

World number one tennis player Ash Barty has been crowned the Sportswomen of the Year at the Women’s Health Women in Sports Awards. The 23-year-old accepted her award via video link.

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