Roxy's Poo Jogger 'Should Be Treated With Sympathy'

Roxy Jacenko says she's done with finding sh*t on the doorstep of her PR business, but health experts say we need to have sympathy, not shame, for the poo jogger.

She's never far from the headlines and the high profile publicist has now found herself in the middle of the ultimate "poo-dunnit".

Jacenko sent social media wild last night after she posted CCTV of a woman relieving herself out the front of the Sweaty Betty building in Sydney. 

"It got 6,000 comments in 18 minutes. And that's because people are genuinely disgusted," Jacenko told 10 News First.

Roxy Jacenko is done with finding sh*t on her PR business' door step. Image: AAP

"She looks very astute and nimble, she jogs in, she does her business and then she jogs off, she even looks at it."

The reality TV star claimed the issue has been happening for at least three weeks and posted the footage on Instagram in "anger" because she's had enough.

"I mean it's disgusting, you don't expect to get out of your car at half 7 to be faced with human faeces underneath your feet," she said.

"People get fined for letting their dogs go to the toilet anywhere. This is a human and a grown woman."

Jacenko doesn't think she was being targeted: "If it was she'd do it by my front door".

The videos were shared to Roxy Jacenko's Instagram. Image: Roxy Jacenko

"It's not about naming and shaming, it's about having respect for each other."

Psychologists say there are a number of reasons people do their business in public including for attention - a theory that Roxy agrees with.

"This is a person who obviously gets a thrill. This is a person who's come multiple times over the course of the last three weeks."

But experts in inflammatory bowel disease say there could very well be a medical reason.

CEO of Crohn's & Colitis Australia Leanne Raven said the public needs to have more sympathy.

"People with serious gut conditions such as Crohn's disease or colitis often live with urgency and frequency of bowel motions," Raven said.

"The invisibility of the disease means they may look well on the outside but struggle to live a normal life with debilitating symptoms."

But Jacenko isn't so sure.

The jogger allegedly defecated multiple times in front of the Sweaty Betty PR business. Image: Roxy Jacenko

"If you've got an incontinence problem get support and there's plenty of adult diapers out there," she said.

No matter what the reason, the jogger could face a fine in the hundreds of dollars.

New South Wales police have confirmed they are trying to get to the bottom of it and have launched an investigation.