'Beautiful Soul': Tributes Flow For K-Pop Star, Actress Found Dead Aged 25

Actress and singer Sulli has been found dead at her home in Seongnam, South Korea.

The alarm was raised on Monday morning when the 25-year-old failed to answer a series of phone calls from her manager.

By the time emergency services arrived, Sulli couldn't be saved.

“The investigation is ongoing and we won’t make presumptions about the cause of death,” an official from the Seongnam Sujeong Police Department said, according to The Associated Press.

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There was no sign of foul play and CCTV footage showed no sign of intrusion.

Sulli, born Choi Jin-ri, was a member of the popular girl group f(x) which was launched by SM Entertainment in 2009.

She left the group in August 2015 to pursue a career in acting, clinching a role in the superhero movie Real, before returning to music.

She released her debut solo single, Goblin, in June this year.

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Known for posting photos without a bra on and voicing her opinions about the no-bra movement, Sulli was also candid about her struggles with mental health.

In 2014 she took a break from f(x) due to "stress-related pain" caused by persistent online bullying and rumours about her personal life.

In April, she accused fans of "gaze-rape" which refers to excessive gazing that makes a person feel violated, according to the Korea Times.

Sulli was found dead at her home in South Korea. Image: Getty

She also spoke out about her mental health battles on a television program in 2018.

“Even close people left me,” Sulli said as she admitted to suffering panic disorders from an early age. “I was hurt by them and felt there was nobody who understands me, which made me fall apart,” she said.

In recent videos posted to Instagram, she was seen crying, saying "I'm not a bad person".

Fans were quick to take to social media to pay tribute to the star following news of her death.

Many labelling her brave and a beautiful soul.

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