Police 'Aware' Of Serial Poo Jogger After Roxy Jacenko Posts Video On Instagram

Roxy Jacenko is fed up with a jogger who has been filmed defecating outside of the Sweaty Betty Headquarters and the PR queen has taken to Instagram to firmly ask her to stop.

Jacenko posted three videos to her personal Instagram account on Monday night, slamming the 'poo jogger' as an "absolute disgrace".

The videos, which have already been viewed tens of thousands of times, show the female jogger stop to defecate outside Jacenko's Paddington based business, multiple times.

"What an absolute disgrace you are, doing this in our residential street where we have a primary school and multiple residences. This isn’t the first visit by the said female jogger. Do you know who this person is?" Jacenko wrote alongside one of the videos.

The videos were shared to Roxy Jacenko's Instagram. Image: Roxy Jacenko

Two of the videos were dated October 10 and one was filmed on Monday.

NSW Police say they are aware of the incident.

Jacenko called on her 246,000 Instagram followers to contact the Sweaty Betty office if they knew the identity of the jogger.

10 daily has chosen not to show the jogger's face.

Jackeno told 10 daily on Monday night the videos were captured on CCTV located near the Sweaty Betty office.

The jogger has allegedly defecated multiple times in front of the business. Image: Roxy Jacenko

"It's an absolute disgrace that we now have to be mindful of human faeces when walking into our premises daily," she said.

"Furthermore, the residents of the street and their children coming and going."

Jacenko did not think the jogger was personally targeting her office and confirmed she authorised sharing the footage to her social media account.