World's Best Hospitals Revealed, But Only One Aussie City Makes Top 10

New data looking at the best 100 hospital cities in the world has ranked Tokyo in top place with Melbourne coming in seventh place.

The Best Hospital Cities Ranking 2019 study placed one Australian, two Asian and eight European cities in the top 10. Boston was the only U.S presence, coming in at second place.

The findings of the inaugural survey evaluated access to care, affordability and medical schools to create a shortlist of the world’s top hospital cities.

"Then, we split the factors which determine the best hospital cities into three categories: infrastructure, quality of care, and access," the report's authors said.

The research and analysis was conducted by London-based medtech startup Medbelle.

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"Within these categories, we’ve included research ranging from the quality of medical education and the number of hospital beds, to the cancer survival rate and the number of nurses."

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It also included analysis of factors including the cost of medication and access to mental health specialists.

Sydney came in at 11th, Brisbane at 13 and Perth at 27, followed closely by Adelaide at 28. Canberra came in at 84, while Darwin didn't make the top 100.

"Even though Melbourne does not have as many medical universities and academic hospitals in comparison to Sydney, it is interesting to note that it still has the most top-ranking ones according to various global higher education rankings," Medbelle's co-founder and managing director, Daniel Kolb, told 10 daily.

“This factor, along with how satisfied Melburnian patients appear to be with hospitals in their city compared to Sydney-siders, means that Melbourne ranks four places above Sydney worldwide."

Both Melbourne and Sydney perform highly in most categories in comparison with the top three -- Tokyo, Boston and London -- except for two areas, Surgeons per Capita and Discretionary Healthcare Spending.

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The study analysed all hospitals within a city, so in order for a city to rank highly, the quality of all hospitals within their region must be be high.

"A city can boast one world-class hospital, but if their overall medical framework does not offer easy access and high-quality care to all its citizens, then there is still room for improvement," the report stated.

Top 10 HOSPITAL Cities
  1. Tokyo
  2. Boston
  3. London
  4. Paris
  5. Seoul
  6. Munich
  7. Melbourne
  8. Amsterdam
  9. Basel
  10. Berlin

Melbourne's medical universities and mental health specialists per capita, as well as its accessible costs, helped the city score highly.

However,  it lagged behind other cities in the top 10 due to the number of surgeons per capita.

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Based on the study's data, Sydney's strength was its mental health specialists per capita, in addition to it being home to leading hospitals.

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Earlier this year, American weekly news magazine Newsweek partnered with a global market research company to develop a new ranking system of the world's best hospitals.

While no Australian hospitals ranked in the top 10, five were named in the top 100.

These included Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, St Vincent's Hospital (Melbourne), and The Royal Melbourne Hospital City Campus.

Four of the five hospitals are Melbourne-based which supports Medbelle's findings that ranked the Victorian capital as the seventh best global city for hospitals.