No, Nope, NOPE! Hundreds Of Funnel-Web Spiders Hatch From Egg Sac

These 'extremely aggressive' funnel-web spiders will be milked for life-saving antivenom after hundreds of them crawled out of an egg sac at Australia's Reptile Park.

In a video released by the park (that literally no one asked for), a brave keeper pierces the egg sac before prying it open to release the baby spiders.

It's the first-ever of this kind bred in captivity.

If merely watching the video makes you cringe, spare a thought for the keepers who have their work cut out for them -- there are nine more egg sacs still to open.

The baby spiders will be raised at the park and contribute to its life-saving antivenom program.

Head of Spiders (yes, that's a real job title) Kane Christensen said: “Our aim is to milk 3,000 funnel-web spiders annually to send the raw venom we milk to Seqirus, who create the antivenom for hospitals around Australia."

Ah yes. Turns out you can milk a spider.

In fact, as part of its daily show line up, the Australian Reptile Park hosts a funnel-web spider milking show to educate the public about the antivenom program.

Depending on the amount of funnel-web spiders in the program, keepers can spend UP TO FOUR HOURS EACH DAY MILKING SPIDERS.

Australian Reptile Park keepers: The heroes we didn't ask for, and definitely don't deserve.

The army of funnel-web spiders emerging from the egg sac. Image: Supplied