Memory Card Found On Street Contained Footage Of Woman's Murder

A memory card containing 39 images and 12 videos of an alleged graphic murder was found laying on the street.

A woman's human remains were found along a highway in Anchorage, Alaska after a resident found a memory card on the floor in late September.

Brian Smith, 48, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder in relation to this case, Anchorage Police Department (APD) said in a statement. He appeared in court but did not enter a plea.

Anchorage police investigate the scene where human remains were found at mile 108 of the Seward Highway in Anchorage.  Image: Google Maps

The memory card containing 39 images and 12 videos was labelled, 'homicide at midtown Marriott'. It showed the victim being strangled and assaulted with a man's voice saying, "just die" according to the Associated Press. Police recognised Smith from a separate investigation.

Police believe Smith recorded it himself.

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Some pictures showed the woman under a blanket on a hotel luggage cart near a truck and in the truck bed.

Police were able to connect the dots using phone records to help trace Smith having been at the place where the remains were found within minutes of when the last photo was taken on the memory card.

The case will be brought before a grand jury as the investigation continues.

Smith remains behind bars where he is being held on an outstanding warrant.

APD Detectives are working with the Medical Examiner’s Office to confirm the victim’s identity and cause of death.

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