Man Convicted Of Serious Neglect Of Pet Donkey And Horse, Banned From Owning Animals

An Adelaide man has been convicted and ordered to pay thousands in veterinary costs after he failed to care for his pets.

Ryan Smith failed to feed his horse Cory, or treat the animal's teeth.

He also allowed his donkey Thelma to suffer chronic neglect and serious injury from an ill-fitting halter.

RSPCA inspectors found the pair in February, after a report from a member of the public.

Cory, an 18-month-old gelding, was so underweight that he required urgent veterinary and dentistry treatment, including removing a fractured tooth.

Cory the horse was neglected so badly his ribs were clearly visible. Image: RSPCA

Thelma's coat was infested with parasites, and her teeth and hooves showed clear evidence of long term neglect.

Her halter had become so embedded in her skin that vets could only remove it while the horse was under anaesthesia.

"It is shocking that this donkey was left wearing a halter that was so tight it had literally cut into her face and throat and had to be surgically removed,” RSPCA Chief Inspector Andrea Lewis said.

“This animal’s suffering would have been significant."

Thelma's halter was so badly fitted, it cut into her flesh.  Image: RSPCA

A South Australian court heard Smith has agisted the animals on a third party's property and had experienced issues in accessing his pets.

The judge acknowledged the seriousness of the offending and imposed a conviction along with an 18-month good behaviour bond.

Smith also has to pay more than $7500 in vet and legal costs, and he can't own animals for five years.

Both animals made a full recovery and have now been re-homed.

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