All Dressed Up: Why This Koala Wears Tiny Jackets, And How You Can Help

Vets were left with no choice but to shave an Adelaide koala who accidentally covered himself in car oil.

'Danny' the koala wandered into the garage of a home in Williamstown, north of Adelaide, on Monday and knocked over a can of Castor car oil and became covered in its contents.

He quickly ran up a tree, which is when the homeowner noticed what has happened and called in animal rescue volunteers, who rushed him to the vet.

Danny was covered in the oil from head to toe.

"When I first got him he was full, from one end to the other, black as the ace of spades," koala carer Hartley Head told 10 daily on Wednesday.

"We couldn't even tell if it was a male or a female because it was just black from head to toe."

The Adelaide and Hills Koala Rescue organisation said being covered in oil is like poison for wildlife, as it can block pores and suffocate the animal.

Vets washed off as much of the oil as they could, but in the end, they had no choice but to shave Danny's fur. He must now wear a little jacket to stay warm and keep out of the sun because his natural insulation has been removed.

"The animal was cleaned three or four times, but they found they couldn't get the oil off him," said Head.

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Vets did their best to clean him, but they couldn't get the toxic oil out of his fur.

His recovery is expected to take some time, and volunteers caring for him will need some extra help to fill his wardrobe. They're asking anyone who is handy with a sewing machine to consider making some coats for Danny, while he waits for his fur to grow back.

"He loves it! He hasn't tried to take it off... I think he thinks it's very nice," said Head.

He was left feeling a little... exposed... but now wears a jacket to stay warm (and maintain his dignity).

Volunteers chose the name Danny as a reference to the classic hit movie, Grease.

If you'd like to help - you can head to the Adelaide and Hills Koala Rescue page here.

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