Bride Orders Elegant Peacock Cake, Gets 'Turkey With Leprosy' Instead

A bride has been left shocked after the cake she ordered for her wedding was nothing short of a disaster.

A bride who ordered a peacock cake for her wedding was expecting an exact replica but received what others described as a 'dead parrot'.

What the cake was meant to look like. Image: Facebook/ Annette Hill

Now, the bride's friend Annette Hill has taken matters into her own hands by posting pictures on social media.

"This was the wedding of someone very close to me, not MY wedding. I'm sharing this to try to make sure that no one else ever gets burned by this imposter that is trying to pretend to be a qualified cake-decorator!" she wrote.

The cake-maker assured the bride she would make the cake to look exactly the same as the one in the picture upon the agreed price of $300.

But instead...

What the cake actually looked like. Image: Facebook/ Annette Hill

According to the Facebook post, the night before the wedding the bride received two separate boxes, one for the cake and one for the cupcakes.

"The cake-baker takes off so fast that no one has a chance to open the boxes before she's gone.

"The bride opens the box with the cupcakes and they were okay-ish, and then opens the box with the cake.

One of the bird's heads falls off immediately" Hill said.

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Hill went on to say: "the one "peacock" looks like a turkey with leprosy or something, and the "white" bird, which isn't white at all, doesn't even have a tail or look like a bird in any way, it's just a brown blob!"

Spot the difference? Image: Facebook/ Annette Hill

According to Hill, the professional cake maker didn't try help resolve the situation and 'refuses to refund any of the money for the cake because she "put a lot of time into making it'.

Annette posted some of the images on social media and received thousands of comments.

"Omgosh....if somebody delivered that cake to me on my wedding day I might be requiring bail money.....that is one horrific cake" said one user.

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