Reporter's Hilarious Response To NRL Fan During TV Live Cross

10 News First reporter Charlotte Goodlet had the perfect response to a fan who couldn't leave the camera alone during NRL Grand Final celebrations.

Goodlet was seconds away from a live cross with Studio 10 newsreader Narelda Jacobs on Monday morning, when she was approached by a Roosters fan.

"I wanna go on TV," he said as he put his arm around her and shuffled in front of the camera.

Moments after Goodlet shrugged the man off, he peeped his head back into the frame, smiling as he mumbled about wanting to be interviewed.

In a firm but polite response, Goodlet gave him a friendly nudge with her elbow, strong enough to push him out of the way.

"No mate, go away!" she said, smiling, before delivering an effortless cross.

"I could hear the guys in the control room counting me down so I gave him a good shoulder charge," Goodlet laughed as she recalled the incident to 10 daily.

"I think he had a raucous night of celebrations."

The fan didn't bother her again, disappearing into the huge crowd waiting to meet the winning side.

Roosters players have had a big night and day of celebrations, after the side's 14-8 grand final win over the Canberra Raiders.

James Tedesco scored the match-winning try in the 72nd minute, but it came off the back of a controversial referee decision which has dominated post-match headlines.

Ref Ben Cummins signalled a repeat set of six for the Raiders, but then quickly changed his call without Raiders players noticing, leading to a turnover.

Joseph Leilua lies on the field devastated after the 2019 NRL Grand Final. Image: Getty Images.

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NRL head of football and former referee Graham Annesley backed the call made by the refs during an after-match press conference.

Annesley said he'd watched four different camera angles of the incident and said the ball had indeed come off a Raiders player.

"That meant six tackles should not have been awarded," Annesley said. "But I accept it created confusion among the Canberra players."