WATCH: Heart-Warming Moment Chimpanzee Caught Swinging Baby At Zoo

Some users are left divided on social media after a chimpanzee plays with her baby.

Hannah the chimpanzee was caught on camera flinging her seven-month-old baby, Hope, into the air at Monarto Safari Park in South Australia.

The chimp appears to be playing with her daughter in the sweetest way, while the other older chimps hang around to watch.

Zoo Keeper Lauren says: "Hannah is a really playful mum and Hope is incredibly adventurous for a youngster her age, making for a very interesting combination!"

Image: Facebook/ Monarto Safari Park

However, some users were left divide on social media.

Monarto Safari Park released the vision to social media yesterday which has more than 37,000 views and 439 shares.

Fans took to social media to express their views on the video, with one user comparing the baby chimp to a child.

"So childlike it's gorgeous to see," one user said.

"If we were to do that with our child we would be reported lol," another stated.

However, one user expressed their concerns saying the mother chimp was "too rough".

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