Woman Suffers Excruciating Pain And Burns After Barbeque Explodes In Her Face

WARNING: Graphic content.

A mother of two was left in an unrecognisable state after a barbeque exploded at her friend's apartment in North Carolina.

Rebecca Rogers, 36, was lending a helping hand when the nightmare began.

Rogers was cleaning the grill while the barbeque was still lit. When she opened the lid, the flames engulfed her whole body leaving her in excruciating pain and burning off skin.

Rebecca was in an accident involving a gas grill explosion resulting in massive 2nd degree and some 1st degree burns. Image: GoFundMe

In a panic, Rogers friends immediately called for an ambulance. She was rushed to hospital and transferred to the intensive care unit at Jaycee Burn Centre in North Carolina.

According to the Sun, the 36-year-old suffered first and second degree burns all over her body which required skin grafts. Doctors had to surgically remove large amounts of her skin tissue.

Image: GoFundMe

Rogers mother, Stephanie Bell,  decided to set up a GoFundME page to help  pay medical costs as she is undergoing daily physical and occupational therapy.

“With every trial in life she has faced, she has always come out stronger, Rebecca will physically fight this.” Bell wrote.

It became necessary to surgically remove large amounts of skin, which resulted in skin grafts on over 20% of her body. Image: GoFundME

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"She needs whatever help you can give to assist with her medical expenses which are quickly accumulating". Bell added.

The GofundMe page is set at $22,000 and has currently reached almost $18,000.

Her recovery process will take between nine to 12 months. Rogers hopes to make a speedy recovery and take care of her two children.

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