Residents Told To Take Shelter As Out-Of-Control Fire Burns In Sydney's West

Sydney's Londonderry and Castlereagh were being threatened by an out of control bushfire with crews struggling to keep the blaze away from homes on Friday.

An emergency warning was issued for residents on Fire Trail Road at Castlereagh near Penrith, with locals being urged to take shelter on Friday afternoon.

The NSW Rural Fire Service said an increase in fire activity had seen the out-of-control blaze heading in a north-westerly direction towards Tickner Street.

"Residents in the vicinity of Devlin St, Tickner St & Rickards Rd should seek shelter as the fire arrives," the RFS warned.

By Friday evening, fire crews said conditions around the area were beginning to ease as firefighters gained the upper hand over the blaze, but an emergency warning remained in place.

Image: Supplied/10 News First

The fire service also urged people in the area of Nutt Road, Londonderry Road, Boscobel Road, Spencer Road, Studley Street and Emily Street to enact their Bush Fire Survival Plans immediately.

Londonderry local Irina Braslavski told 10 News First it felt like her house was full of smoke.

"You can't breathe inside and you don't know what's going on," Braslavski said.

"You hear about all the bushfires everywhere, but you never think it's going to happen next to your house."

Photo: Supplied/10 News First

Another local, Steve Francis told 10 News First he felt safe in the hands of firefighters.

"If it got too bad they would have told us to go because they're not going to risk our lives," Francis said.

Brendan Doyle from the NSW RFS said hundreds of firefighters were involved in battling the blaze and contained it to an area adjacent to homes.

"Certainly fire crews will remain on-site in the next few hours trying to contain the fire," Doyle said on Friday afternoon.

He said the message from firefighters ahead of the long-weekend was for people to heed warnings, listen to fire crews in their area and remain vigilant.

Watch and act alerts were also issued for several other areas around the state.

On Friday evening a watch and act alert was issued for residents at Tanilba Bay in the Port Stephens Region after a fire began burning in marsh land, with crews in position to protect properties in the area.

Residents on Whipbird Road at Ashby Heights in the Clarence Valley were also put on alert, with the RFS warning fire activity was increasing on Friday afternoon as an out-of-control blaze burned in the area.

Firefighters also spent the day working to protect homes around the Glen Innes Severn area in the New England region.

A watch and act alert was put in place for residents on Coopers Road at Red Range, after the fire burned through more than 36,000 hectares before coming under control.

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The fire threats come as NSW holiday-makers head away for the long weekend.

Travellers have been urged to check fire danger conditions and be ready to flee if a bushfire sparks.

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