Say Hello To Taronga Zoo's Cutest New Addition

Today happens to be both World Animal Day and World Smile Day. If this little guy doesn't make you grin, nothing will.

Taronga Zoo Sydney has announced the birth of a cute new male François’ Langur.

The little monkey was born to mother Noel just a week ago and is yet to be named.

This brand new bub is yet to be named. Photo: Supplied

The François’ langurs are among the rarest monkeys in the world, with only around 3,000 left in the wild.

This little thing was born with bright orange hair, in contrast to its parent's black colouring, which is believed to make it easier for the adults to identify and look after the infants.

François’ langurs live in harems -- a group consisting of one or two males and a number of females -- and are cared for by a number of females.

He will be looked after by a number of females, not just his mother. Photo: Supplied

According to the zoo, the shared responsibility helps the mum cope and helps other females learn the skills they need to raise their own baby.

“It’s very interesting seeing the females in the group interact and care for the baby. They all clearly care for him very much, and pass him to one another throughout the day," said Senior Zoo Keeper, Jane Marshall.

“Not a lot of people know about François’ langurs as a species, but these beautiful animals are very vibrant animals, who are incredibly agile and intelligent,” she continued.

His birth gives the species a little hope Photo: Supplied

After several weeks of intense care, the growing infant's vibrant colour begins to change, turning black like its older siblings.

While François’ langurs were once populous in China and Vietnam, they are now critically endangered thanks to poaching for traditional medicines.

They are also losing their habitat fast through mining and deforestation.

The birth of this little one helps give this special species a little bit of hope.